Everyday Cooler with Bluetooth Speaker Pull To Open

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PLEASE NOTE: The Rustic Leather cooler DOES have a speaker. We just couldn't find a picture of it with the speaker. :)

The Frio Everyday Cooler is Super Lightweight, Leakproof, Collapsible, Holds Ice for 24 Hours, and has a Velcro opening that's easy to use!! 


  • 14 Can Capacity
  • Does Not Sweat or Leak
  • Made to Hold Ice (No icepacks needed)
  • 11" drop-down handles
  • 2 Huge Pockets (Front and Back)
  • Easy Velcro Access  
  • Super Lightweight
  • Holds Ice 24 Hours

360 Speaker Specs:

  • Loudness – Works great for 1-10 people (Great for the patio, a boat, the beach, sporting event etc.)
  • Battery Life is 4-5 hours without the light ring, (2-3 hours using the light ring)
  • Waterproof
  • Color changing light ring
  • Removable and Chargeable (No Batteries Needed)
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