Big Wooden Lid Large Glass Jar

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Bring effortlessly stylish storage to every room in your home! Our Big Wooden Lid Happy Everything! Glass Jar is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, playroom, and more. This rubber-sealed jar keeps food fresher longer, so whether storing snacks in the pantry or flour on the kitchen counter, your ingredients are safe. Get creative with your storage and add pops of happy to take this design from season to season! This functional jar includes clear glass that allows you to see the contents within and a beautiful wooden lid. This modern design is complete with a hook-and-loop fastener so you can add a pop of happy with the help of your favorite Big Attachments. Decorate your favorite spaces with our sleek and stylish glass jars!

Material: Glass, hook and loop, Mango Wood, metal knob, silicone seal
Dimensions: 7in L x 7in W x 13.8in H
Volume: 216
Care Instructions: Wipe clean, do not use soap
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