Emergency Stain Rescue Wipe

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Emergency Stain Rescue Wipe from the makers of Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover is handy for keeping in your purse, car, or tack trunk in case of messy spills. Convenient single use wipe is individually sealed in a bright red packet that's easy to find in a hurry. Sometimes you can't immediately remove an article of clothing to launder it or take it to the dry cleaner - especially at a horse show! No worries, tear open your Emergency Stain Rescue wipe to quickly and safely remove food stains from clothes and most fabrics. Works on tough food stains like fruit, berries, tomatoes, and ice cream. ESR is safe for use on colorfast washable fabrics. Do not use on rayon, acetate, silk, or dry clean only fabrics.
Recommended for colorfast washable fabrics - test the colorfastness on a hidden area before using. This stain remover wipe is a 100% biodegradable surfactant and has no peroxide, chlorine, or phosphates, and is pH neutral. Made in USA.

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