Your Story Jewels - Adjustable Bracelet

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  • Adjustable up to 7", this bracelet necklace will keep Your Story—always being written—close at hand.

  • Always Elegant: Experience enduring style with your own meticulously crafted gold bracelet, ready to be expanded with additional charms as your story opens and closes chapters. 
  • Trend-Proof: Timeless gold is always in season and ready to match the next charm to represent your next unfolding adventure.
  • Your Journey Crafted:  Speak your own story with a charm or birthstone for each defining moment—captured forever. 
  • For All Occasions: Suitable for day or night - created to be an everyday bracelet that still matches any level of style.

The foundation of Your Story begins with your bracelet selection. Attached to this bracelet are the experiences you decide to represent, remember and hold onto forever.


Materials:  Water & Tarnish Resistant Gold Plated Stainless Steel

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